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Fiber clay 504    Code- 5004    Price- 307 THB

Net. 250 Grams.

The clay is white and soft, smooth texture, the most ever. Rolled to thickness and thin unlimited. Sculpt for small and big size flower as too easy. The appearance as easy to change when making flowers, then confidence even more. Clear bright color when oil color mixed. Looks the flowers as water swallows inside and liked natural flowers when sculpture finished. Easily to oil color painting and it absorbed into the clay as well. Special features of the flowers as soft, bright, silky and smooth forever.

How to use
            Wash your hands before the clay to be used to break out the hand cream. Oil color to put together and knead to apply.

How to store?
Use the stretch film wrapping the clay and put to zip bag. Then add some drinking water, lock the bag and store in normal temperature.

Fiber clay 504 example flowers
Cattleya1Cattleya-red-lip Cattleya-red-lip-3 Cattleya-red-lip-2 Cattleya-red-lip-1 Cattleya-fiber-clay-504kaooriginal Sakura clay flower (4) kaooriginal Sakura clay flower (3) kaooriginal Sakura clay flower (2) kaooriginal Sakura clay flower (1)


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