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Differences between each Fiber clay

Differences between each Fiber clay.

Fiber clay 101 is basic of clay. that is Zinc and Titanium whitening, It is suitable for beginner and make for No more white flower, Leaves, Branch, Bonsai tree. But it maybe yellowish in later and the most that clay is not transparent, like a paper white.  Mix to Fiber clay 504, 504 Light+ Wet and 301 for making flower. and mix to 201 clay for making leaves and stems as good.
Fiber clay 201 and 301 are same formula in different powder. The two clay likely but they are different white color and texture. Fiber clay 201 is Gardenia flower white and 301 clay is like Jasmine white. The two clay soft and very elastic and 201 is molecule smaller than 301. So 201 clay is good for making stems and leaves and 301 is good for making flower petals. But they can mix together and good making for all purpose.

 Fiber clay 504 is great, All ingredients in 201 and 301 clay with silicone transparent powder and controlling substance absorbed oil color deep to the clay when painting and faster oil color are drying. Also Fiber clay 504 is  more knead to more than sticky and softening. Fiber clay 504 is whiter than Fiber clay 201, 301 and transparent whitening. They are very elastic when dried. The clay can keep up to 5 to more years if put to plastic bag and secondary put to plastic zip bag or plastic box with drinking water. This clay molecule is bigger than 201 and 301 clay. So, this clay is no good for making flower in shelf time 1 to 20 days first. But this clay better to better quality changed after shelf time 3 to 15 months. After 15 months, the clay is start want to dry, but it can used to about 25 months. But it different temperature and how to you save them.      

Fiber clay 504 + wet is upgrading Fiber clay 504. Controlling special whitening and wetting agents to Fiber clay 504. So the clay is super whitening.

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